Cholesterol and Your Health

Cholesterol is a form of fat in cell membranes and body tissues. There are two sources of cholesterol that are internal and external sources. Internal source means cholesterol is made by our body usually in our liver. External source means that we consume cholesterol; usually we get cholesterol from meats, eggs and dairy products. Cholesterol is in charge to produce bile and combine hormones and vitamins. Cholesterol is important to keep our body works normally but if cholesterol is not managed in normal level, cholesterol can lead to serious health problems.

I’m sure many of you have heard about the risk of having high cholesterol level. High cholesterol level can lead to heart attack, paralysis, stroke, and many other serious diseases. In the opposite, having low cholesterol level also creates health problems such as depression, mood swing, Parkinson and many others. Cholesterol usually attacks older people but recently the number of youth who have high cholesterol increases significantly. It relates tightly with bad eating habits performed by millions of people around the world. High cholesterol also establishes obesity, that’s why obese people often get heart attack. If you are doing diet or you have planning to perform diet, you must be sure that your diet plan does result to high cholesterol level. You can ask to your doctor or your dietician whether your diet plan will increase your cholesterol level or not.

Although basically cholesterol is generated from foods, lifestyle is also able to increase your cholesterol level. If you have high cholesterol, all doctors will suggest you to perform exercise regularly. Exercise is one of the ways that you can take to maintain cholesterol level.  If you rarely do exercise or even never perform exercise, it is better that you start to perform it regularly. Smoking can also increase cholesterol and trigger the occurrence of other serious health problems.

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