The Importance of Managing Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one word that we often hear, read and watch every day. This word has been popular for decades because cholesterol is related to the overall human’s health. When you consume meats or dairy products too much, perhaps your friends and your doctors remind you about your cholesterol level. Cholesterol is a lipid or special fat that can be found in cells membranes. Cholesterol is vital to make our body works properly that’s why we have to manage cholesterol level always in normal level. If we often hear about high cholesterol level, actually it can be caused by two reasons, first is our body produces excessive cholesterol and second is we consume cholesterol too much.

Besides produced naturally in our body, we can also get cholesterol from many dairy products, meats, eggs and many others. With the increasing number of fast foods, it is no wonder that the number of people who have high cholesterol level also increases significantly. High cholesterol level is actually very dangerous because this condition can lead to serious diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, heart diseases and many others. Therefore, it is much better that you always check your cholesterol level regularly. Cholesterol checking can be performed by yourself or you can go to your personal doctor.

If you never check cholesterol level before, it is recommended that you visit your doctor and ask your doctor to explain to you how to perform self-cholesterol-check. If your cholesterol level is high, you must immediately reduce that by doing these steps. You have to start doing exercise, start from small portion of exercise and then add the portion after sometime. You also have to eat low-fat foods. Today, there are many low-fat foods that we can easily find in market at affordable prices. In dangerous situation, usually doctor gives your additional medicines to immediately lower your cholesterol level.

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