Good Food for Your Cholesterol

Health is counted as everything in our daily life. Without a good health, our productivity would be decreased and we would not be able to do anything. We can only stay in bed and get the medicine all the days. Nobody would want to be sick, and thus healthy life style has to be started from today. One of the causes of the sicknesses and diseases is in fact the unhealthy life style. This can be started from the intake. Many people today suffer from high blood cholesterol level, and the key to avoid it make you suffer is by keeping your intake healthy. One of the ways to lower blood cholesterol level is by taking cholesterol diet.

Cholesterol diet can be started with the knowledge about the food we usually eat. In fact, many of us do not understand very well about what is contained by the food we consume daily, whereas it is the source of our high blood cholesterol level. Those who are overweight are recommended to do the diet to lower the blood cholesterol level, but for who are not so, replacing the fat calories with food containing complex carbohydrate would be a great job to do to lower it. Those foods that are recommended to be avoided are those that contain saturated fat or cholesterol. The food that contains saturated fat is like ice cream, butter, whole milk, cream, and cheese, and those that contain high cholesterol is like organ meat.

However, before you do your cholesterol diet, you are recommended to consult the dietitian or nutritionist at your locality so that you can gain the maximum benefit for your diet. This is also recommended because everyone may have to do different kind of diet regarding his history of health and the capability of the body.

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