Tips for Lower Blood Cholesterol Levels

High blood cholesterol level is a problem for a worse body condition if we do not care about our daily intake. Taking cholesterol diet is a must for these people for a longer lifespan with better quality of life. The cost of hospital and the medicine is also very high, that starting a better life with good food that is not restricted for the better blood cholesterol level.

It is actually very simple to start the cholesterol diet to bring you to a better health. The keys are on the fat and cholesterol intake to your body. The food that contains fat, especially saturated fat is considered better not consumed, because it is the first source that will make your blood cholesterol level raises fast. The food that contains saturated fat is usually animal fat products, like cheese, cream, whole milk, butter, cream, and ice cream. You shall avoid these foods for your lower blood cholesterol level. In the contrary of saturated fat is unsaturated fat that would be great to lower your blood cholesterol level. They are present in soybean, cottonseed, corn, sunflower oils, sesame, and safflower. You are recommended to replace your margarine and butter with these foods.

Cholesterol diet also recommends you to throw away many kinds of organ meat food that contains low fat but very high cholesterol. Low fat and high fat food can contain cholesterol, since cholesterol itself is not fat, but you are recommended to avoid high fat food for sure. Choose complex carbohydrate to fulfill the intake of your daily calories. They are present in rice, cereals, bread, dried peas, fruits, and vegetables. Before taking the diet, anyway, you shall consult your nutritionist or dietitian for a better and maximum result, moreover if you are overweight and need to lose your weight as well.

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