More about Drugs for Cholesterol

When people suffer from high blood cholesterol level, they are usually prescribed by the doctor to take the cholesterol diet with the change in the daily intake. With the right guidance, this should work. But unfortunately, in the real stories, there are many people that prove that it can be failed and after a long period of diet, which is usually counted as six months, the blood cholesterol level does not decrease at all. For these people, usually, the doctors then prescribe them cholesterol drugs that are of various kinds to help them lower the blood cholesterol level.

There are various cholesterol drugs that we can find in the pharmaceutical industries. The first one is Lipitor Oral. This kind of pill contains Atorvastatin that works as an enzyme blocker, which is also known as statin. It can be used together with cholesterol diet to help lower the cholesterol and fats in our blood. Reducing the cholesterol and the fats that are hazardous for the body like triglycerides is useful to avoid heart attack and strokes. Another pill can be consumed to lower the blood cholesterol level is Pravacol oral that is used to lower the bad cholesterol and fats like triglyceride, and increase the good fats like HDL in the blood.

Besides them, there are still various pills that can be consumed. They are all usually prescribed after a long period of diet that does not work or together with the diet and help the effectiveness of the diet itself. However, as there are chemical substances in the medicines, before you take the pills, you are recommended to consult your doctor and give your complete history of health. This way, you are expected to gain the maximum benefit of health from the medicine. Start you beautiful life today with the cholesterol drugs.

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